Health Psychology

I am CONVINCED that much of health and specifically, weight loss, is one's mindset (psychology). So many people have lost hope that they can be fit, trim, youthful. This is not true. I guess you have to get to the point that you will ACTUALLY do anything to achieve your goal. It is so much easier to eat for comfort or convenience. Remember, 90% of fitness and ideal body weight is nutrition. It doesn't seem fair. One can of Coke (which I love) is about 20 to 30 minutes of running. Also, if you only eat 100 calories over what you burn each day, you will gain weight over time. Unfortunately, starving yourself or "being good" for a few weeks, doesn't reverse the weight as quickly as we want. Some people call it discipline and I guess I agree but it is really about the discipline of CONSISTENCY. Rather than extreme diets and exercise, success comes with small, healthy choices consistently over time. The good news is that YOU CAN DO THIS! Check out my free health calculator if you want information about your current health.

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