Lifestyle is everything

I have said and I have heard from patients so many times....I need to change my lifestyle. We all tend to try to put fitness and health into our EXISTING lifestyle. This is not changing our lifestyle. You change your lifestyle when you change how you live your life. I have struggled with this myself over the years. I needed to completely upend my "lifestyle" in my view of nutrition and food, my approach to exercise and my priorities in life. ONLY YOU can change your lifestyle and it is not always easy but as cliche as it is, you are where you are, at the weight you are in the condition that you are because of the "lifestyle" that you have been living. You can change that. Bend life to fit your needs, don't let it drag you around. Expand your palate, don't restrict it. Expand your movement and level of fitness, don't restrict it. Do more and do it smart and you will move towards the health that you want. You can do it!!

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